Indoor Tennis Facility - Master Plan

TFC contracted New World Design to create a long-term modernization plan for their indoor tennis and health club facility in the Chicagoland area. The owners are interested enhancing the quality of space, adding exercise studio space, refining interior design, and improving accessibility. The facility was constructed in the early 1970’s and has had few architectural modifications since.
With input from the owner’s representatives, we examined functional and aesthetic improvements that could strengthen the facility’s offerings to guests while enhancing its edge among growing competition from new health clubs. Building on their goals, our study proposes improvements in a variety of areas: revamping signs and sign placement, punching large windows into exercise studios, adding structural decks to two-story spaces, reconfiguring front desk and staff areas, standardizing the interior finishes scheme, adding vertical accessibility, and renovating the facility’s facade.
We separated the various refinements into “project groups”. The groups (or portions of groups) can be isolated in a manner that would allow for convenient construction without requiring the club to temporarily close its doors. While there may be a cost efficient path, there is no pre-determined or logistical order in which the work must occur. This gives the ownership the ability to deploy improvements based on schedule and available funds.

Pending construction.


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